"I had an elevated PSA.  In order to avoid a biopsy I decided to see what I could do on my own.  I consulted Eileen and with the combination of diet and Chinese herbs my PSA dropped in just 3 months to the point where I could indeed avoid a biopsy of my prostate gland.  Hurrah!" - Bob C. 

"We've been working with Eileen for over a year now.  We have seen some amazing benefits that I never would have expected.  I weigh less than I have my entire adult life and have kept an extra 20 lbs or so at bay....I don't think we missed anything this past winter season due to being sick.  There are many other things that I could go on and on about, but I wanted to give a first hand account of Eileen's wonderfulness ;).  Having Eileen hold my hand as we changed our diet to a truly healthy one, she and her services are worth their weight in gold!" - Susanne


"For years now I have been on an intense healing journey.  I was seeking out the right healers for my own unique path of wellness in body, mind and spirit.  I had been feeling for some time that there was an important component that I was still missing.  When I met Eileen I knew that she was the teacher/healer that I had been searching for.  She gently teaches you to heal with food in a way I could relate to and afford.  She encourages you to explore new food with a beautiful healing approach that is easy to understand and add into your daily life style.  Her healing work on the table is nothing I have ever experienced before.  Her beautiful healing energies encourages your "stuff" to the surface, while she lovingly nurtures and empowers you!  I have found our healing sessions together to be truly profound.  I am so blessed to have met Eileen and to have had the privilege to heal and grow with her.  Our initial contact is up but I continue to see Eileen to further nourish my healing of body, mind and spirit." - Gwynn McGroggan


"My husband has had sleep issues for years due to restless leg syndrome.  He tried prescriptions, every suggestion that came his way etc.  He tried EVERYTHING!  Or so we thought!  Finally, I convinced him to go see Eileen Cucé because I was sure she could help him.  Well, the Mrs. always knows!  Eileen has recommended a variety of holistic treatments and my husband is finally sleeping well because of them.  It is so refreshing to work with a health professional like Eileen and actually get the results you were looking for.  We are so grateful!"  - Barbara S. 

"For several years I suffered from bloating which gradually worsened.  I also developed painful ulcers of my tongue and painful colitis.  That was when I consulted Eileen.  She prescribed a healing diet and Chinese herbs and this combination has healed my entire digestive tract so I am free of symptoms.  In addition, my bone scan for osteoporosis has improved significantly for the first time in 25 years.  This shows that I am finally absorbing nutrients from food and supplements much better.  My immune system has also improved because I have not experienced any illness since the time I began working with Eileen."  - MJ

"I had suffered migraines and headaches regularly since I was a child.  This would cause me to be in bed and unavailable for my family and responsibilities.....I tried allergy shots, chiropractic therapy, supplements and medication.  Although the medication gave me relief, this was an unsatisfying and expensive way to cover up the pain, leaving the cause of the headache unresolved.  Since I started consulting with Eileen and following her individualized detoxification program, I have not had one single migraine!!!  I have not had to take any more prescription migraine medication, Excedrin, or Prozac!  I feel rejuvenated, happy, so much more energetic, and I have attained a renewed outlook and positive attitude toward my life.  Eileen continues to help keep me motivated to press on in my holistic health journey and to move forward to enjoy my new and fantastically improved way of life!  I can hardly express how relieved and thankful to God I am to have met and counseled with Eileen!  I only wish I had known her many years ago!  Her genuine caring, boundless knowledge and personalized therapies have been invaluable to me.  Through Eileen's counseling and through God's provision of bountiful, natural and delicious whole foods I have become a new and improved me!!!  I have become empowered to live a healthy, happy, wonderful life, free of disease!!!" - SL