Herbal Medicine


Every person is different and therefore needs a different healing plan. Even two people with the same diagnosis will most likely get very different herbal formulas.  This is because a symptom pattern could have many possible sources.  To realize complete healing it is necessary to get to source, or the root of the issue.  Combining herbal traditions from around the globe - Ayurveda (from India), Chinese Medicine, Middle Eastern, Native American and others,  I am able to design formulas that are very specific and extremely effective for each client I work with.    

I am a Master Clinical Herbalist so  I am able to work with complicated Western medical protocols because my education included the science and knowledge of the active chemical constituents of the herbs I use, so I am fully aware of  pharmaceutical/herb interactions.  Similar to Chinese Dietetics, I use the knowledge of the herbal properties - this includes 5 taste properties, temperature properties and the energy properties of each herb.  An individual  healing constitutional herbal formula can be designed for each client I work with. 
In addition to constitutional formulas (concentrating on long-standing issues) I also offer formulas for acute conditions such as cold, cough, flu, allergic reactions, urinary tract infactions,  etc.