Cranialsacral Therapy


Cranialsacral Therapy is an effective therapy where therapeutic touch is used to minuplate the joints in the cranium, spine ane pelvis. This an extremely gentle and non-invasive therapy, improving the health of the whole via the nervous system.  In releasing tension around the soft tissue that surrounds the central nervous system, many diagnoses/symptoms that have been present for many years dissapate and are erradicated.  

Eileen has certifications in both Polarity and Cranial Sacral Therapy and combines these two modalities into each of her bodywork sessions.  During these sessions the nervous system is given rest and resource.  In today's world, especially Western culture, most people live with their nervous systems in sympathetic mode, never getting fully rested and restored, even during sleep.  When this is the case for an extended amount of time the adrenals and the immune system become compromised and all sorts of issues arise. Every person has their "Achilles heal", the place in their body where, when compromised, it is weak and imbalance and disease occur.

These therapies are balancing on a root level so it meets each person where they are.  So, whether the client's manifiestation of disease is chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, cancer, or anything else, it will meet them so the rebalancing and healing can begin.

This combination of Polarity and Cranialsacral Therapy is  extremely effective and  the catalyst for profound healing in which the client can experience effects in multiple facets of their life that are very far-reaching.  

During a session the client remains fully clothed and, if able, lies on a massage table.  Light touch on specific energetic points releases tensions and dysfunction in a very effective manner.  Essential oils may be used if desired to enhance the efficacy of the session through the olfactory senses.   

Conditions/diagnoses treated:

  • Pain management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Infertility/menstrual difficulties
  • Digestive disorders
  • OCDs and phobias
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleep disturbances/insomnia