Chinese Healing Diet


Using Chinese Medicine's Five Elements Theory a healing diet can be comprised for anyone.  Every food and herb has a taste property, temperature property and an energy property.  Should you be eating more cooked food?  More raw?  How about protein? -- do you need more animal protein or is a plant-based diet good for you right now?   Right now.  That's the key.  Our constitutions change, so re-evaluating when the body talks to us through symptom patterns is not only wise,  It is necessary for optimum health and balance.

During a consultation, after the review of symptoms and history.  A tongue and pulse exam are also performed.  This tells a beautiful story of what is going on inside of the body and can forecast potentially problematic issues prior to a true health crisis arising.  A healing diet plan can give quick and noticeable results.   Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all diet plan for success.  Even two people with the same diagnosis may need to eat differently for their particular constitutional needs.